Mental Health and the Legal System

Angela and Andy trust and collaborate with therapists and counselors to work toward a positive resolution for their clients’ lives.  Whether dealing with criminal law cases or family law cases, mental health treatment can provide a unique approach to addressing legal issues.  Through a collaborative team approach with other professions, we can assist our clients to improve their lives and give them options rather than just have our clients face one outcome.

Whether you are looking at hiring us to assist in your family or criminal case or you are a mental health professional looking for a referral for one of your clients in need, we are here to help.  Below are just a few areas mental health considerations for both clients and professionals come into play with the legal system.


  • Factors Courts Consider When Awarding Physical Placement & Legal Custody
  • What Therapists Can and Can’t Recommend for Placement and Custody
  • Safe Harbors
  • How Therapists’ Opinions or Conclusions Now Must Be Admitted into Evidence
  • Mistakes and Pitfalls Professionals Involved in Family Law or Criminal Law Issues Often Make
  • Tips for Testifying
  • Telephone Testimony
  • Fees
  • Turning Over Confidential Records
  • Restraining Orders
  • Domestic Abuse/Domestic Violence
  • Mandatory Reporting Dos and Don’ts
  • How mental health professionals may Be Called Upon To Assist In Criminal Cases