Mediation:  Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Cases

Mediation is a useful way to resolve disputes in your family, business, and entire divorce case. Divorces do not have to be contentious or litigious experiences. While one attorney in Wisconsin generally cannot represent both spouses in a divorce, I can work with both of you to reach an agreement outside of trial.

In northwestern Wisconsin, mediation is a great form of collaborative divorce resolution we can utilize.  Through mediation, both you and your spouse’s goals can be achieved.  You are generally going to be happier through the difficult divorce process if you have a say in the outcome.  If you go to trial, the judge makes the decision and you do not have as much of a say in the outcome.

How the process works:

  1. You call to make an appointment with our office for both you and your spouse to come in and meet with me to begin the process.

  2. You can file for divorce on your own first or we can do so after we meet.  I will explain the entire divorce process from start to finish, going over deadlines you have to meet, and documents you must file.
  3. When you come in for your appointment(s), will meet together and apart as necessary to address the issues in your case.
  4. I will take an evaluative and facilitative approach to your case.  I will evaluate the strength of your positions and facilitate an agreement.
  5. The process may take one meeting or many meetings depending on what issues you have, what documents you have filed on your own or need me to file, and the documents that I draft on your behalf.
  6. If I do draft any documents, I refer each of you to meet with your own attorney to review the same and advise you on those documents if you so choose.  I cannot give you legal advice.
  7. You will still have to go to court at least one time on your own at the end of your case to present the written mediated agreement to the judge for his or her approval.